DOGS! What amazing creatures they are! I think if I did a farm sit and there were no dogs to hang out with I’d be truly lost. 

My first word was dog.  Well i said dag but was pointing at the neighbours dog at the time. Quite fitting really. 

I’ve always said if I came into a fortune I’d buy a massive house and fill it with rescued dogs 🥰. They really are quite amazing. Loving, loyal, gentle. Always so enthusiastic about life.  I would like to experience a day inside the mind of a dog. They are the definition of fun, the life and soul of the day.  I have gained many dog friends over my years as a farm sitter.  They make me smile, they make me laugh out loud. They entertain me from morning to night. If i didn’t see another person ever again I’d be fine with that as long as I had dogs for company.  Their lives are far too short and they break our hearts when they go but the pain is worth it for every moment of happiness we have together. 

So for those I sit for who have dogs you must know that I love your dogs as if they were my own.  I have hundreds of pictures of your dogs and I frequently look at them to cheer myself up.  This life means its fairly difficult for me to have a dog of my own but as long as I can look after yours I’m happy.  Whether they accidentally poop in the house, steal my dinner, wake me up in the small hours, jump all over me covered in mud, destroy my favourite gloves/shoes/sock, roll in stinky poop, bark at nothing, fart noxious gases at me I bloody love them anyway and I’ll do absolutely anything they need for a happy few weeks while you’re gone.  

Here are some frequently used phrases I find myself saying while looking after dogs farm sitting.  I’m sure some of you will know who these are aimed at 😜😂❤️🐕

Don’t eat that! That’s mine! Can you stop squashing me please? This is your sock!  Wow you stinky. What on earth are you doing? Please stop making that smell. Pardon you! Get down! Get out of there! That looks like a fun dream. Where did you get that? Yes we can go in a minute let me put my shoes on. You’ve had so many snacks already! Where’s my sock? Where’s my other shoe? Let go of the ball or I can’t throw it for you! Please dont lie there. I need to open that door. You need to go out again? Stop humping that! You want more snacks? Where have you been?! That’s my chair. That’s my side of the bed please. Look at the state of you! Did you dig this hole? What have you got? Drop it! Good dog! 

Love them all 🐾 ❤️