Safe Hands Farm Sitting

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    Please read and fill out the following form so that an accurate and fair quote can be decided for your smallholding.
    Please note, until an initial visit has been carried out and booking fee paid to safe hands, this form does not guarantee a sitter can be supplied for you.


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    Your confirmed booking and use of any service provided by SAFE HANDS constitutes your acceptance of all such terms and an agreement to pay our charges within agreed timescales and forms a contract.

    1. SAFE HANDS responsibilities to you
    (a) SAFE HANDS will carry out the Service you have commissioned to meet your needs at the premises, in the timeframe and on the day or dates agreed with You in advance, to the best of our professional abilities.
    (b) SAFE HANDS will comply with legal, and Health &Safety responsibilities, as far as reasonably practicable.

    (c) SAFE HANDS will Care for the home, lands, livestock and pets for the above period at the above address. To the best of my ability I will ensure all livestock and pets are provided with a clean and safe environment and have clean water. I will follow correct feeding and medication procedures at scheduled times. I will carry out any daily tasks needed to ensure the best level of care for all livestock and pets, as detailed by the client in the above form.

    (d) SAFE HANDS will Ensure that all livestock and pets are kept within their routine where possible and will not inflict any cruelty or neglect on any creature. Take every measure necessary to protect and nurture all living creatures within the owners properties and ensure adequate security measures are in place at all times.

    (e) SAFE HANDS will hand over the property in the same state of cleanliness it was found prior to sitting. SAFE HANDS will not invite any guests to the property unless previously approved by the owner. Will not carry out any other form of business from the above property.

    2. Your Responsibilities
    (a) You are responsible for providing SAFE HANDS with all necessary information concerning Your requirements for the Service, including information about your animals and/or property plus emergency contacts/procedures needed.
    (b) You are responsible for supplying relevant information, sufficient, safe and proper materials / equipment in order for SAFE HANDS to carry out the Service You have commissioned. This includes, where relevant: equipment, food for your animal / pet feed, bedding, routine medication, gardening tools or other essential items. You are not required to provide SAFE HANDS with food.
    3. Payment
    (a) Unless otherwise specially agreed in writing, The Service is charged at the prevailing rates. Travel is charged within the fee.
    (b) Payment is due promptly by the dates specified on the invoice, prior to receiving the service. Bookings for services are required in advance on the SAFE HANDS enquiry and booking form. An invoice will be provided (please advise to whom this should be addressed). A contract then exists between both parties. A deposit of 50% is required. The remaining balance is due at least 5 week days prior to the commencement of the service. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque

    (c) Cancellations. You have 14 days from the date of accepting the quotation to cancel your booking. The deposit will be returned to you, unless you have received a service from SAFE HANDS within this period in which case the invoiced account is payable in full. In any other circumstances Your deposit is non-refundable (unless SAFE HANDS cancels due to an emergency or serious circumstances beyond SAFE HANDS control). Please note that if a circumstance such as this does occur it is most likely SAFE HANDS will be able to find another suitable sitter to cover the period requested provided you are happy with this arrangement.

    (d) If the assignment turns out to be materially different from the details described in the enquiry section, or additional services from the list available are required at a later date or during the sit. For example, extra stables to muck out, additional journeys are involved, or times are extended beyond what was originally stated, SAFE HANDS reserves the right to refuse the proposed changes to the original booking, or request reimbursement, or to invoice you post assignment for the additional costs. Any extra duties not mentioned in the enquiry form must be agreed between sitter and client PRIOR to commencement and may incur additional charges. Date: JULY 2018