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Running a small holding can be hard work! Day after day, whatever the weather. so its nice to take a break now and then.
But who looks after your animals in your absence?
Who can step into your shoes and provide a professional service and peace of mind so you can relax and take a break?
Having someone you can trust with your home and animals is essential.

My name is Sarah and I can do all this and more!

With over 7 years experience farm sitting plus a lifetime of experience with horses and a passion for farming life. Here are the main services I offer:

  • 24 hour live in care of your home, smallholding and animals 
  • Cover for staff absences on larger farms
  • Freelance groom work within 10 miles of GL18
  • General Pet sitting
  • Lambing assistance 

I’m fully insured and most importantly highly recommended by all my clients. 

Click on the about section to find out more about my background and experience. 

Read my blog to get an insight into my daily life on the farms.

Get in touch to find out my rates and availability:  07534446948 farminsafehands@gmail.com 



We have had the good fortune of Sarah farm sitting our small holding several times a year since 2017 - apart from when covid restrictions prevented us travelling.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services. She is the epitome of everything you could hope to find in a farm sitter. Hardworking, honest, caring and very knowledgeable about a wide range of animals. We have 21 goats, mostly angoras, four donkeys, numerous hens and ducks and 2 demanding dogs. Our dogs adore her - to the extent that she gets nagged for snacks in the same way we do!

Sarah tackles any problems that arise with consummate ease, during one sit one of our goats suddenly became very ill (angora goats can very quickly become really ill with no warning signs), Sarah tried to contact us immediately but when we didn’t respond quickly she took the initiative and called the vet out - had she not taken this action we would have lost him. Sarah continued his care - which involved intramuscular injections - for the prescribed period until our return.

Our latest sit was this January for a week, it was fabulous to have Sarah back, we returned to our house in spick and span order and very happy animals - in fact Ruby (dog) was positively miserable after she left. She returns again in two weeks for a longer sit and again later in the year, and is already booked for next year several times

Good farm sitters are as rare as rocking horse teeth - we have experienced some horrors! - if you are lucky enough to find she has some availability snap it up quickly
Sarah took care of my cats, hens and quail whilst I went away for Work and I swear none of them missed me as she took such good care of them. In fact, the house was tidier too. Thanks Sarah, it’s so great to find someone I can trust when I need to go away. Great service, lovely person, highly recommended
I seriously needn't have worried as Sarah took on the role with absolute dedication and professionalism saving the horses life not only did she have this challenge but severe weather to cope with and other dramas including tractors breaking down making her job even more challenging. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough she is a total and absolute professional with very high standards all the animals were happy and contented and bless her despite the dramas she didn't bother us on our honeymoon! Her service is incredible her level of attention to detail is incredible oh and bless her she'd even done the housework and washing which wasn't even asked not expected with the amount of work she already had to do. Sarah is a wonderful lady who runs her business to an excellent standard she is dedicated to the job and I'd an absolute professional. I've had grooms in the past but Sarah isn't "just" a groom or house-sitter she is a Saint! Amazing service! Amazing lady!
We left Sarah in charge of our 20 acre smallholding to take a much needed holiday. When we got back the sheep, ponies, dogs, cats, chickens and ducks we all very happy, as were we 🙂 We couldn't have asked for a more conscientious, hard working and professional person to take care of everything. Thank you Sarah
A delightful charming, very hard working and knowledgeable lady who is a pleasure to have around, and neither of us had any doubts when we left the farm in her hands for the first time this week. We returned home to happy content animals of all kinds, cleaned out (despite the awful weather) and the house very clean and tidy. Its fantastic to think that Sarah will return in February for a much longer break when we visit the Far East safe in the knowledge that our animals and home will be in VERY SAFE HANDS
Amanda Carver
15 October 2017

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